Dave talks OPML Editor and Open Source

From [Scripting News](http://www.scripting.com/:)

The point of developing Frontier was to create the perfect development environment for me to spend the rest of my career in. It worked… But now we have a problem with the OPML Editor on Windows, and … We’re getting help from a surprising place — Microsoft!… Now I think it makes sense for the platform vendor to help make sure open source stuff works on their platform, maybe even help make it run well on their platform, but I’ve never seen one offer to help. It’s a very good thing.

C’mon Dave. Get with the program. [[Apple]] has been doing a huge amount of work to make sure that open source stuff runs well on its platform, and in fact has been giving lots of stuff back to the open source world. How about [[OpenDarwin]], [[WebKit]], [[ZeroConf]]? I know you’ve had your issues with [[Apple]], but you gotta give credit where credit is due.

Well, anyway, back to the first part… I have to agree. I always find myself getting drawn back to [[Frontier]] in one way or another. To paraphrase [[Michael Corleone]]: “Right when I get out, it pulls me back in!”. This time it’s hacking on **wordPress.root**. Hopefully I’ll be ready to release an updated version soon.