Apo A-I Milano

From [Medical News Today](http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/:)

we are using not the protein, but the gene itself. We are putting the gene inside an innocuous virus and injecting the virus so that the body can produce its own supply of apo A-I Milano. One single injection of the gene, carried by the virus, markedly reduces plaque buildup in mice. Advantages of this approach are that we would not need to produce the protein in the laboratory and there would be no need for repeated injections, as there is with the protein. With the animal studies confirming the effectiveness of the gene therapy approach, it may be possible that human trials could begin within several years.

This article is a bit old, but it’s very exciting. Having heart disease in my family, I’ve always been concerned about my long term prognosis. But this stuff looks like it might actually be a **cure** for heart disease with something as simple as a shot in the arm. Yahoo! Bring it on. Where do *I* sign up for the study!!!!