Natural Born Killer

The recent, horrific events at [[Virginia Tech]] have given me pause. Not for the insanity of the violence or the stupidity of it all, but rather for how we as a society have reacted to it.

I remember when the [[Oliver Stone]] movie [[Natural Born Killers]] came out. The thought police came out saying that it glorified violence and that it would spawn a bunch of copycat killers looking for some attention.

Here’s a hint, it wasn’t about the violence but about how our society reacts to the violence and how our media glorifies it. It was intentionally over the top in how it depicted that macabre fascination, at least it was until this week. It turns out that Stone’s movie wasn’t so much a commentary about society at the time, but rather a prediction of what things would become.

How long with Cho be the center of attention in the news cycle? How much of the lurid, insane details of his life will be broadcast on the news every night? How much of it will be broadcast by the news, and how much by [[Entertainment Tonight]], or [[The Insider]]? You’ll know that the disgusting vision of our society potrayed in [[Natural Born Killers]] has come to pass when you hear [[Mary Hart]] ask [[Cojo]] about how Cho was dressed for the event. Are we really that far removed from that happening?