New B5 Movies

A couple of months ago I got the DVD with the new [[B5]] movies, and I hadn’t watched them until now. I’ll do a full review of each later (keep an eye out here), but I have a few thoughts:

  • Knowing that the original sets aren’t around anymore, and most of the original computer animations are gone, how the hell did they manager to recreate things so well?!?
  • G’Kar and Franklin, beyond the rim. [[B5]] fans will understand what that means. Andreas and Richard, you will be missed.
  • I’m not sure I liked the second movie that much… too much validation of religion… still have to think about it.

Overall, it’s an excellent effort. I can’t wait for the next set, or, even better, a theatrical movie.

Adding new categories

This is just a test entry to see if I can successfully add new categories to my blog from within my blogging tool. If I can, you should see a category called Apple in the left column.

Yeah baby! It worked!