Navarrette: Attempts to destroy Obama backfire


Ever since Barack Obama began to pierce the inevitability that we were told surrounded the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton, I’ve wondered how the Clintonistas would react. Now we know: not well…. Last week, Billy Shaheen, Clinton’s co-chairman in New Hampshire, resigned from the campaign after floating the rumor that Obama, in his youth, may have been not just a drug user but a drug dealer.

Isn’t that special.

Here’s my problem. I really want to be able to vote for a democrat candidate for President this go around. The problem is that I can’t vote for HIllary. I really, really want the chance to vote for Barak Obama. The question is whether or not I’ll get the chance, or if he’ll get destroyed by the Clinton machine. It looks like the Clinton tactics are back-firing. One can only hope.