I’m with Dave, who’s with Rex

From Scripting News:

Of course Apple is fascist scum for shutting down Think Secret.

Rex Hammock said the one thing that I as a Mac user have to say about the news.

“There’s nothing positive about this settlement for my side.”

Amen brother. I keep thinking “Someday Apple is going to regret that they took their customers so much for granted.” But I know better. I used to say that, and then I switched to Windows in 1997 (that’ll show em!) only to switch back in 2005. Every day I think of a new excuses to waste spend more money on Apple hardware. Apple doesn’t pay for it, we do.

But we can hate them for what they did to Think Secret, as if they care, but we do anyway.

Apple’s response to leaks is completely backwards… they’re going after the people that publish them instead of looking at themselves for letting the information get out. Why do their own employees leak this stuff? What is it about their culture that has convinced employees that it’s OK?

And, just like Dave, I end up with a Mac because, quite simply, I work on a computer all day long, and the last thing I want to do when I get home is work on a computer.