Real Programmers

From WWdN: In Exile:

In addition to being really funny, the latest xkcd is rather timely. I was a vi or vim guy when I needed to use a text editor (that’s how I did most of the original WWdN updates, via ssh back…

You know what they say, [[EMACS]] is a great operating system masquerading as a text editor. If you don’t understand what I’m talking about, you probably don’t understand this either.

Blind, 92-year-old player makes ace in Florida

From Golf News:

Making a hole-in-one is hard enough. Now consider that Leo Fiyalko is 92 years old and blind.

You know, it’s just not fair. I’m young (well, relatively speaking), and have better than 20×20 vision, and I’ve never had a hole in one. What’s a guy gotta do?