Why Obama and not Hillary?

Here’s a good summary of (some) issues with Hillary from SlashDot:

Policy differences between Clinton and Obama? Minor.


I worry about provenance with Clinton. Why was she the head of the Healthcare task force? A recognized health expert? A well-known elected official? Wife of a guy who got 43% of the vote? That ‘mandate’, plus too much secrecy, doomed a not-so-bad health care plan and has cost us a lot of jobs and bankrupt Americans in the last 14 years.

Then again, why was she on the board of Wal-Mart? We mention that (well, she doesn’t mention on her website that she was the first female board member of America’s #1 retailer). But, why? Was she a business expert? Run a corner store? Worked her way up from the mailroom? Was she the wife of the governor of Wal-Mart’s home state?

Obama has taken every step. He’s sprinted to the top, no doubt. But, he’s gone from knocking on doors in the projects to fighting a political machine in his district to convincing both rural and urban Illinois to inspiring a generation. No shortcut.

Not to say she’s been a bad senator. But, the Iraq vote is very troubling. Only six Senators are on record as checking in to the locked room to read the full (96 page) intelligence report. Yes, it was full of lies. But, John Edwards **did*’. Clinton? McCain? Neither. They believed.

And thinking of Iraq. The ‘*only** way out of Iraq is to offer a new deal to the Iraqis. Clinton? The wife of a man whose crippling sanctions and annual bombing runs caused a whole lot of misery and entrenched the regime? Sure, from here we can say the sanctions were a good thing. But, for the man on the street who lost a child to deprivation? We need a president who is not connected to that legacy.

OK, that’s a lot more rational than any of my rants would be. She got to where she is because of who she married, not because of any innate qualifications that she had. Obama has earned everthing. Remember this when you vote tomorrow.