Is 24 SciFi?

From SCI FI Wire:

Eight reasons why Fox’s 24 is really science fiction. Really!: Like you, we have long thought of Fox’s hit action show 24 as something outside our wheelhouse: Jack Bauer chases terrorists in real time, hour by hour, in the real world. No spaceships, no ghosts, no Hobbits, no magic.

After six seasons though, we are starting to change our minds. After careful consideration, we have come to a stark realization: 24 is SCIENCE FICTION!

The best reason?

3. Teleportation. Anyone who lives in Los Angeles knows Jack Bauer breaks several laws of physics to get from point A to point B in the time it takes for a commercial break.

You want proof? Here’s an [awesome map]( that shows Jack’s movements around the LA area, and how he’d have to travel at amazing / impossible speeds for it to happen. I can’t believe someone took the time to put this together.

I can’t wait for the **24** season premiere. After reading that article… maybe it is SciFi, and maybe that’s why I enjoy it so much… nah… it’s just a whole lotta fun.