The Macintosh Software Dating Game


The Macintosh Software Dating Game: Circa 1983: I don’t think this video requires much description. It takes place in 1983 at an Apple Event. Featured in this “Software Dating Game” are Fred Gibbons, President of Software Publishing Corporation; Mitch Kapor, President of Lotus Development; and of course Bill Gates, Chairman of Microsoft.

I might have even posted this one before… But I couldn’t resist. Can’t think of a better way to celebrate the end of the week than with a good ‘ol 1983-cheese vintage Jobs/Gibbons/Kapor/Gates video clip.

This comes to you from the [wayback machine](, from a time before [Microsoft]( was the new evil empire, and Jobs and Gates were cordial, if not friendly. The video is kinda hokey, and definitely dated, but fun all the same. Enjoy.