Men in black on alert for snipers


Men in black on alert for snipers: Look up at any presidential event and you’re likely to see them: men dressed in black, armed to the teeth, looking back.

Well, I’d hope so. Of all the recent Presidents, I’d say that Obama has the highest chance of being assassinated in office… only because of the total stupidity of some racists in this country. They exist, we all know they do, and this week would be the highest visibility time for them to strike. I don’t think it’ll happen, and I hope and pray that it does not.

But, I understand why there’s going to be more security for this inauguration than there ever has been.

It’s O – 1 day


The Bush era is down to its last day. It’s been quite a ride. Bush inherited a budget surplus, and turned it into the largest deficit in history. He inherited a weakening economy, it went up for a while under him, but finally crashed to be the worst its been since the great depression.

He led us after 9/11, but then lead us into a war that should have never been. He vowed to make those responsible pay, and yet Osama bin Laden still lives.

His rhetoric was about compassionate conservatism, and yet he let New Orleans suffer after Katrina.

He entered the office with so much promise, only to fail to deliver on that promise.

Now, we’re getting Barack Obama. I’m very optimistic about our future under his leadership, but I don’t expect it to be a future without pain.

I can’t wait to hear his inaugural address. I’m betting that it’s short, and very inspirational with the overall theme being, it’s time to get to work.