Pandora is Adding Commercials?

From Slashdot:

Pandora Trying Out Invasive Commercial Breaks: Nathan Halverson writes “The popular online radio service has added brief commercial interruptions to its service. Pandora says this is a trial and is targeted to a subset of listeners at this point. In one case, a brief ad for the Fox TV show ‘Lie To Me’ interrupted the music stream for about 15 seconds after ten songs had initially played, and the same commercial interrupted 22 songs later. ‘But [Pandora’s] founder promised the site will never carry as many audio ads as broadcast radio, despite the fact it pays substantially higher royalty fees to the recording industry.'”

Please, God, **NO**.

I have no problem with the adverts that show up on the web pages or on my iPhone, but please do not interrupt my music. Pandora is **PERFECT*’ as it is. In understand the desire to increase revenue… but not at the expense of customer satisfaction. Please, ‘*DO NOT DO THIS**.