Injuries aside… we have a chance

Clint Mathis and Claudio Reyna are both injured.

Two of the most recognizable names on the U.S. squad sheet may be missing from the final eleven for the North American outsiders’ Group D opener with European powerhouse Portugal on 5 June in Suwon. However, the side remains driven by the steam of a brave team spirit, oozing solidarity.

Hopefully we can do what Senegal did to France, and South Korea did to Poland… provide the world with another upset.

This is the best US team ever. We should be a lock on the second round. But first, we have to perform well against a superior Portugal tomorrow morning. Set your alarms!

Microsoft’s XBox Gets Hacked

And they said it couldn’t be done.

In a research paper published a few days ago, Massachusetts Institute of Technology student Andrew Huang detailed the procedure by which he retrieved the software “keys” that a game disc must contain for the Xbox to recognize its contents as legitimate code. Using the key, hackers presumably could write Web browsers, MP3 players and other sought-after applications for the console.

Soccer Fans’ Cup Runneth Over

Rabid soccer fans in Boston don’t mind passing on sleep to watch the World Cup in real time

Tape delay is for sissies. We want our World Cup, and we want it now.

Why else would Rakey Donohue, his girlfriend Denise Ryan, I, and 85 other sleep-deprived World Cup-aholics have packed Bad Abbots, an Irish-style soccer bar in Quincy at 2:30 on Saturday morning? When I suggested to Rakey that it might be more convenient to watch ABC’s rebroadcast of the critical Ireland vs. Cameroon match at 3:30 that afternoon, he shot back: Are you mad?

This is gonna be me tomorrow morning… US vs. Portugal. Come on people… support your team!!!