Harry Likes Signs

Harry from [[Ain’t It Cool News]] has some high praise for M. Knight Shyamalan’s newest movie.

This is just perfect filmmaking for me. It really just feels perfect. Everything exactly the way I love it.

I can’t wait for this one. I love Shyamalan’s work.

Sir Ian Updates the Greybooks

There’s some very interesting questions and answers.

In particular, I love the response to this insightful question.

Q: One of the (few) discrepancies in the Fellowship of the Ring occurs when Gandalf says “Let the Ringbearer decide” whether or not to continue over Caradhras or try Moria. For me, this was quite out of character for Gandalf (in the book, Gandalf made the decision, after debate with Aragorn). I feel that it diminishes him as a leader and also reflects poorly on his willingness to accept responsibility. Can you provide any insight as to why this choice was made?

A: The change is akin to Frodo’s solving the “Speak Friend and enter” riddle onscreen, which in the book is Gandalf’s own discovery. Collapsing the extended story of the books to fit the confines of a relatively short film, the screenplay writers wanted to show Gandalf’s gradually handing over responsibility to the ringbearer. As such, I thought these marginal alterations worked, although I appreciate your concern.

Re: What should happen to the logo?

Don’t get me wrong.

I don’t really care too much. I just want the site to look as nice as possible, and the people that have made the comment are my friends, so I know they’re only interested in helping me make the site as nice and useful as possible.

StarOffice on OSX

Sun and Apple are teaming up to bring the Microsoft alternative to MacOSX.

Sun has been looking for hardware allies in its long-running quest to popularize StarOffice, which competes against Microsoft Office. To date, no major PC makers have pledged to heavily promote StarOffice.

Apple also gains a friend to help counter its increasingly contentious relationship with Microsoft, which has been struggling with sales of its Office v. X suite for Macintosh. Microsoft expected to sell 750,000 copies of the software; since its release last November, only 300,000 copies of Mac Office have sold.

This is wonderful news for any of us that would like a feature complete office suite but can’t stand giving any money to Microsoft. Of course… it’s open source to the rescue!

Both Deal and Silver concluded if nothing else, an OS X version of StarOffice would appeal to the large number of anti-Microsoft users on the Mac.

“For some die-hard Mac users, who certainly have a bone to pick with Microsoft, a Sun-Apple combination would seem like the perfect symbiotic relationship,” Deal said.

They’ve finally figured out that marketing to people like me is a good thing!

Take Me Out to the Brawl Game

At least the Red Sox won. I guess this is a game where men get to act like boys and have a fight a recess.

In the aftermath of the maelstrom, most of the participants in the main event and the various undercards expressed shock – SHOCK, they’ll tell you! – and innocence. Or they took a vow of omerta.

To paraphrase… I went to a baseball game and a hockey match broke out. I don’t watch baseball for this crap.

Free At Last

They actually managed to get all the trapped miners out alive.

A few hours after yesterday morning’s stunning rescue of nine trapped coal miners in western Pennsylvania, the stories began to unfold, telling just how close all of them had come to death.