More Stupidity from MS

Microsoft ships a virus with their product.

Microsoft accidentally sent the virulent Nimda worm to South Korean developers when it distributed Korean-language versions of Visual Studio .Net that carried the virus, the company acknowledged Friday.

I always knew Microsoft was evil (which is why I own a Mac), but I never thought they were stupid.

US Defeats Mexico, Advances to Quarter Finals!

In a game of rough play and questionable calls, the US gets a 2-0 victory against bitter rival Mexico.

An early goal from Brian McBride set the tone, and goalkeeper Brad Friedel was again a key man for the Americans.


You got that right. If you didn’t watch the game, shame on you. But if you did, you know that Friedel played like a Jedi Knight… able to predict the future and therefore react with amazing speed!

Next stop… the Germans.


More later.