Reversed Curse?

Given all the strange things that happened this weekend during the Red Sox Oakland series, you gotta wonder if there’s something helping the Sox out!

Four years ago I wrote that [[News for 10/12/99]].:

And thus sayeth the Lord: “I have given you 82 years of trials and ye have not wavered. Your forefathers had but 40 years in the desert and thus I say to you it is time to quench your thirst! Yea, tho you walked through the valley of the shadow of Babe Ruth, you feared no fielding errors. For when the others laughed, you did not waiver. When the others scoffed, you held firm in your faith. Go now and rejoice for the time of your redemption is at hand”

Well, OK… maybe that’s a bit much, but you get the idea!

That year, the Sox were robbed of a World Series bearth by two horrible calls by the umpires. Now the calls seem to be going the **right** way.

###Just in case

Just in case you thought that the umpires got that obstruction call wrong on Saturday, here’s what happened:

** The runner was obstructed **before* he arrived at third, thereby he was awarded third automatically

* The runner advanced toward home at his own risk and was tagged out.

This is **precisely** the right ruling. So if you’re an Oakland A’s fan… stop your whining!!!