Macs in the Workplace

I’ve successfully done this, and so has my neighbor.

It’s been said that bringing a Macintosh into a corporate environment dominated by Windows-based PCs is not an easy task. Once you cut through the corporate red tape, then get through ignorant IT staff you still have to connect and gain access to all the services on the network. osViews editorial contributor Kevin Ledgister took on this challenge and passed the test with flying colors.

It can be done people! People at work poke fun at me good naturedly, but at the same time, those with laptops wish they had one like I do.

The IT department told me point blank that they would not support my computer, and I told them that that’s just fine with me. My wireless hooks right in and works better than anyone else’s, I can print to any of the corporate computers just fine, and I can interract beautifully with the linux boxes using standard UNIX tools… none of the PC’s does any of this quite as well.

Stereophile Reviews the iPod

Me thinks they like it.

Apple’s 30GB iPod is an extremely sexy gadget. As a piece of industrial design, it is remarkable in its beauty and operability. As an extension of Apple’s lifestyle-friendly suite of music-photography-video applications, it is a screaming success. It’s fun to use, and if just seeing one is enough to induce lust, actually holding one is enough to tempt a righteous man to larceny.

I have to agree. I have my entire music collection on mine ripped at 160 bit AAC, the sound is beautiful, and it’s only 1/3 full. It’s brought my music back into my life (for years it’s been missing).

**Thank you Apple!**