iTunes for Windows Today

Here’s ten reasons that it will destroy the competition.

Don’t look now, but just as Apple is about to launch the iTunes Music Store for Windows, here comes a slew of competitors high and low. Here’s why the competition doesn’t stand a chance:

I sure hope that he’s right! [[Apple]] has a history of throwing away its technical leads.

Panther Reviewed

In contrast to all the problems with the latest Windows software, here’s a review of the next version of MacOSX, Panther.

…a worthy operating system, easy to use, easy to set up, easy to get pleased by it. It just works.

I can’t wait!

Yet Another Security Flaw

I shouldn’t be surprised anymore.

Microsoft released yesterday a whole bunch of critical security updates. Out of these, MS03-043 is a flaw in the Windows Messenger Service (not MSN Messenger) with the possibility of a remote attacker gaining complete control of a Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 based PC remotely.

Take another look at [[Computer Security and Operating Systems]] for a refresher on wny.