The State of the Tiger is Strong

Tiger Woods[The Sand Trap]( “Staring down his biggest rival in a final-round showdown, setting a scoring record, hitting shots no one else can hit, regaining his Number 1 ranking: all in a day’s work for Tiger Woods. Has the greatest player in the game today shaken off the slumpiness of his 2004 season? Is the artist formerly known as Eldrick ready to go on another epic run? Or is he just teasing us while complaining about the length of the PGA Tour season?

Let’s take a quick look at all the Woodsian news that Tiger has dropped on us this week.”

I’m betting that he’s back. I’ve been following [[Tiger]] since about 1995 when I read a headline in the SJ Mercury News: **Woods wins with Irons** about a young [[Tiger]] that was dominating the amateur circuit. Then as now, he’s too mentally strong and too talented to just kinda hang around. He wants immortality too much.