An OPML Editor Hosted Personal Wiki?

I’ve been playing around with the [[OPML Editor]] from [[Dave Winer]] lately and using it to write some of the blog entries for this site. As I’ve reported here, it’s like a bit of a flashback to the early days of this site when I maintained it entirely within [[Userland Frontier]]. But, I digress.

While I was playing around with it, it struck me. I’ve got everything here I need to host a personal Wiki entirely written in outlines stored inside the OPML Editor:

  • A built in web server
  • storage for the pages
  • Outline renderers for page presentation
  • Glossary substitution

So, here’s what I need to figure out in order to do this:

  • How to write a tool (doesn’t look too hard)
  • How to route web page requests that start with a top level directory of “wiki” after the server in the URL
  • How to hook up an “edit page” button to open the outline for the page in the [[OPML Editor]]
  • How to automatically augment a glossary with new page references to take advantage of the built in glossary subsitution code

I don’t know if I’ll ever get around to coding this up, but it doesn’t seem like there’d be much work to it. Send me an email (mike AT carneyweb DOT com) if you have any ideas about this.