Sun (Officially) Supports J2EE Development On OS X

From [MacSlash](

mcenhillk writes After years of being a second class citizen in the J2EE world, Sun officially supports Mac OS X. The [ Glassfish] project has been running on Darwin for a couple of years now but there has never been official support from Sun. [JBoss]( has been the default application server since 10.3 but I always had a problem trying to administer the system. Most other appservers I have tried over the years will run but the setup and runtime scripts have to be hacked or reverse engineered . I never had the time or patience to rely on a hack. Head on over to [Sun’s download page]( and give it a shot.

This is outstanding news for those of us in the tech industry that work with Java on the Mac. Thanks SUN for finally taking this on.