Apple Market Share Increase Seen In Web Statistics

From [MacSlash](

On the same day that [AAPL]( hit an all-time high, ComputerWorld tells us that [Apple’s]( online marketshare has doubled in the past eight months, according to both WebSideStory and Net Applications. Both firms claim that Mac OS X is used by around 6% of all web surfers in the US. No one has said it better than Geoff Johnston of WebSideStory: “For the first time since 1999, when we started tracking, the Mac has really made a major push…Mac has almost doubled, so you know they’re selling a butt load.”

Yeah baby! Let’s keep the trend heading in the right direction. We all know that the Mac with OSX is where it’s at, now it’s time for the rest of the world to figure it out!

Sun (Officially) Supports J2EE Development On OS X

From [MacSlash](

mcenhillk writes After years of being a second class citizen in the J2EE world, Sun officially supports Mac OS X. The [ Glassfish] project has been running on Darwin for a couple of years now but there has never been official support from Sun. [JBoss]( has been the default application server since 10.3 but I always had a problem trying to administer the system. Most other appservers I have tried over the years will run but the setup and runtime scripts have to be hacked or reverse engineered . I never had the time or patience to rely on a hack. Head on over to [Sun’s download page]( and give it a shot.

This is outstanding news for those of us in the tech industry that work with Java on the Mac. Thanks SUN for finally taking this on.