Asteroid could hit Mars in January


Asteroid could hit Mars in January. A newly discovered hunk of space rock has a 1 in 75 chance of slamming into the Red Planet on January 30, scientists said Thursday.

The asteroid, known as 2007 WD5, was discovered in late November and is similar in size to an object that hit remote central Siberia in 1908, unleashing energy equivalent to a 15-megaton nuclear bomb and wiping out 60 million trees.

Yikes! This could be interesting. I wonder if we’ll get footage from some of our telescopes of the collision if it happens. It could be fascinating, and prescient of things to come for us.

I’m with Dave, who’s with Rex

From Scripting News:

Of course Apple is fascist scum for shutting down Think Secret.

Rex Hammock said the one thing that I as a Mac user have to say about the news.

“There’s nothing positive about this settlement for my side.”

Amen brother. I keep thinking “Someday Apple is going to regret that they took their customers so much for granted.” But I know better. I used to say that, and then I switched to Windows in 1997 (that’ll show em!) only to switch back in 2005. Every day I think of a new excuses to waste spend more money on Apple hardware. Apple doesn’t pay for it, we do.

But we can hate them for what they did to Think Secret, as if they care, but we do anyway.

Apple’s response to leaks is completely backwards… they’re going after the people that publish them instead of looking at themselves for letting the information get out. Why do their own employees leak this stuff? What is it about their culture that has convinced employees that it’s OK?

And, just like Dave, I end up with a Mac because, quite simply, I work on a computer all day long, and the last thing I want to do when I get home is work on a computer.

Here Come THE HOBBIT(s)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From Ain’t It Cool News.:

Word is flying fast & furious: Team Jackson, New Line, and MGM have made nice and are gearing up to launch 2 HOBBIT movies.

One will be an adaptaion of J.R.R. Tolkien’s THE HOBBIT. The second project is believed to be a bridge between THE HOBBIT and THE LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy – culled from the titanic amount of periphery/ancillary/notated material found in Tolkien’s works. Such material can already be seen in the exiting films.

Yeah baby! I’ve been hoping for this. Finally, something to look forward to at the movies!

Vanessa in National Honor Society

Vanessa was inducted into the National Honor Society last night in a ceremony at her high school. The society:

The National Honor Society (NHS), established in 1921, is a recognition program for American high school students who show achievement in scholarship, leadership, service, and character.

Students are selected for membership through an established school chapter in secondary public and accredited private schools by a five member Faculty Council. Candidates must meet the chapter’s requirement for scholarship, service, leadership and character in order to be selected for membership.

We are very proud of her! She’s worked very hard for many years at her school work, and also spends a lot of time doing service work around the community. Great job Vanessa!

Navarrette: Attempts to destroy Obama backfire


Ever since Barack Obama began to pierce the inevitability that we were told surrounded the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton, I’ve wondered how the Clintonistas would react. Now we know: not well…. Last week, Billy Shaheen, Clinton’s co-chairman in New Hampshire, resigned from the campaign after floating the rumor that Obama, in his youth, may have been not just a drug user but a drug dealer.

Isn’t that special.

Here’s my problem. I really want to be able to vote for a democrat candidate for President this go around. The problem is that I can’t vote for HIllary. I really, really want the chance to vote for Barak Obama. The question is whether or not I’ll get the chance, or if he’ll get destroyed by the Clinton machine. It looks like the Clinton tactics are back-firing. One can only hope.

Utopias auction benefits Leary Firefighters

From Beer Therapy:

Jim Koch (right) of Boston Beer and actor Denis Leary have put together a charity auction at eBay with a 2007 bottle of Samuel Adams Utopias at the center.
Koch has autographed the bottle designed to look like a brewing kettle and Leary a “Rescue Me” coffee table book. The package also include a custom made […]

The current bid is up to $810. Remember, it’s for charity!

The greatest of these is Charity

Charity work spurs on Woods. Tiger Woods hopes he will be best remembered for his contribution to society rather than for his golfing success.

Woods, 31, has won virtually every major honour in the sport, but wants to leave a legacy that is not just about his achievements on the fairway.

As far as my tombstone is concerned, hopefully it will read more of what I am trying to do for kids. That would be so much more ultimate than winning any golf tournament. he said.

I seriously doubt that he’ll achieve this wish, that is, being remembered more for charity than his golf. But, if that turns out to be impossible, at least reaching for it will enable him to help a whole lot of people.