Iran: U.S. faked confrontation video


Iran has denounced video and audio recording released by the United States of the two nations’ confrontation in the Strait of Hormuz as “fabricated”, according to statements carried by state-run television station.

God I hope we didn’t do that. Can you say Gulf of Tonkin? Can the neocons really be that ignorant of history? Or is that a stupid question?

Clinton edges Obama in N.H.; McCain topples Romney

From Boston Globe — Front Page:

MANCHESTER, N.H. – Senator Hillary Clinton of New York scored a narrow but impressive comeback victory in New Hampshire’s Democratic presidential primary yesterday, as the Granite State again salvaged a troubled Clinton campaign and rejuvenated the former first lady’s bid to return to the White House.

Congrats to HIllary for her victory (although I really don’t want her to win). My guy Obama came in a close second. Will that be enough to sway minority voters in southern states to vote for him? I hope so.