How to Recognize a Good Programmer

From Slashdot:

KDan writes to share an article he has written about what some of the key factors in recognizing a good programmer. “It’s not as easy as it sounds. CV experience is only of limited use here, because great programmers don’t always have the ‘official’ experience to demonstrate that they’re great. In fact, a lot of that CV experience can be misleading. Yet there are a number of subtle cues that you can get, even from the CV, to figure out whether someone’s a great programmer.”

So, are you a good programmer? I read the list, and I’d have to say I agree completely with everything he says. To summarize:

  • Passion
  • Self-teaching and love of learning
  • Intelligence
  • Hidden experience
  • Variety of technologies
  • Formal qualifications

So, if you’re a software engineer, how do you rank yourself?