Apple Announces MacBook Air

From Slashdot:

Apple made four announcements at MacWorld Expo: the new MacBook Air, new features for the iPhone and iPod Touch, and movie rentals via iTunes from a TV without a computer involved. The new portable gets most of the attention. It is 0.76″ thick at the thickest part, tapering to 0.16″. It weighs 3 pounds and has a 13.3″ screen and full-size, backlit keyboard. Its Intel chip is the diameter of a dime and the thickness of a nickel. The MacBook Air will cost $1799 and up. Its storage is either 80 GB disk or 64 GB solid-state drive. 2 GB of memory. It has no optical drive (an external one is available for $99) and features a way to wirelessly use the optical drive of any nearby Mac or PC with the proper software installed.

This is a very cool, future looking macintosh. I’d love to get one, but the $$$ just aren’t there at the moment. But, I’ll be looking at one the next time I’m in a store. Kudos [[Apple]].