Caddie Williams says Tiger in whole new place

From [Golf News : CBS SportsLine](

Tiger Woods has gone off on these head-shaking streaks before, but Steve Elling says the guy who has been up close for all of them, caddie Steve Williams, hasn’t seen anything like this.

I’m sure the whole tour is collectively shaking its head, and even just plain shaking perhaps. He’s really in a zone that’s more complete than the one he was in in 2000-2001? To think that someone could achieve that once in a career is mind boggling, but twice?… it’s beyond imagination.

Apple’s PC Marketshare up to 14 Percent for February 2008

From [MacRumors](

According to preliminary data from NPD, Apple reportedly acheived 14 percent of the retail PC market share in February 2008, up from 9% just a year ago. This represents 60 percent unit growth and 67 percent revenue growth year-over-year.

Has Apple finally reached the tipping point? I t would seem so. It looks like “the people” have finally realized that the Mac is just a better computing experience for the majority of people. And for those that it isn’t, they need to look at linux [[:-)]].