Bionic Is Dead

From [Sci Fi Wire](

David Eick, co-executive producer of NBC’s SF series Bionic Woman, confirmed to SCI FI Wire that the network has indeed canceled the show, though the network has not yet officially said as much.

Well, you had to expect it. The show was intriguing, but ultimately it fell flat. See Terminator: The Sarah Connors Chronicals for a better example of how to do a SciFi series.

Few of OOXML’s Flaws Have Been Addressed

From [Slashdot](

I Don’t Believe in Imaginary Property writes “IBM’s Rob Weir has done a study on how many flaws were addressed by the OOXML Ballot Resolution Meeting. So far, using a random sampling technique, he has yet to find a flaw that was addressed, making the upper bound a paltry 1.5%. Even so, he’s found a number of new flaws, including a security vulnerability: OOXML stores passwords in database connection strings in plain text. At least there were no mistakes on five of the first twenty five random pages he reviewed.

Yet another reason why OOXML must die. Long live OpenDoc!!!!

Commentary: Brave Obama poses challenge

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Like many Americans I watched Sen. Barack Obama deliver his speech titled “A More Perfect Union.” … For days pundits have pondered whether Sen. Obama could weather the controversy over Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s racially polarizing comments. The question at this juncture is not whether the candidate will rise to the occasion, but rather, whether America will.

I know that while I was concerned with Wright’s comments which seemed at best inflammatory, I didn’t (want to?) hold Obama responsible for the statements of someone he associates with. I am not responsible for what my friends say (and sometimes they say some stupid things [[:-)]]), and neither is he.

His response was both poignant and elegant. He still has my vote.

Tiger’s domination reaches a new height?

From [Golf News : CBS SportsLine](

Tiger Woods keeps winning. Now the numbers are starting to rival those of his phenomenal 2000-2001 seasons. But Steve Elling and Ross Devonport agree; there is a major difference.

In a point-counterpoint style debate, two golf writers line up on opposite sides… errr…. actually the same side. [[Tiger]] is going to kick ass this year. End of story.