Red Hat Release 8

This is the latest in a series of strong releases that are just getting stronger.

Red Hat has begun an effort to use its position as the dominant seller of the Linux operating system to try to smooth over a long-running divide about the look and feel of the OS.

###Users are King

Red Hat’s Bluecurve airbrushes out some differences between KDE and Gnome, altering icons and menu selections KDE or Gnome users would otherwise see and making them look the same.

This is key to the success of linux… too many choices is a bad thing.

Congrats Europe

What happened to the vaunted US team?

The European team called it “doing a McGinley” when a few of the members teased Captain Sam Torrance and said he had outsmarted himself.

Torrance may have made the bold play, but it was Paul McGinley who showed the wisdom in his captain’s decision as the Europeans wrested the Ryder Cup from the favored Americans on a sun-kissed Sunday at The Belfry.

It was a wonderful [[Ryder Cup]] this year.

2002 Ryder Cup Leaderboard

Keep an eye out here for up to the minute results.

What’s going on with Tiger? He’s lost both the matches he played in today. I can’t understand why he has such difficulties in professional match play given his record as an amatuer.

Good Will Games

Good will pervades atmosphere after Sept. 11

Phil Mickelson playing pool. Tiger Woods, who calls himself a “double-digit” handicapper in Ping-Pong, taking on all comers. Curtis Strange popping in a videotape of comedian Robin Williams doing a rift on the game of golf in his best Scottish brogue.

Williams’ monologue Tuesday night was such a hit with the U.S. team that Strange decided to show it to the Europeans.. So the American captain wandered over to his opponents’ team room, knocked on the door and stayed around as they all dissolved in laughter, as well.


Maybe now everyone will remember what the Ryder Cup Matches are about: a friendly team golf match between the best players from the US and Europe… with emphasis on **friendly**!

Let the games begin!

FrontPage Can Hose Your Server

M$ has announced a bug in FrontPage such that if you use **M$ extensions** your server is open to attack

In its 53rd advisory for the year, the software giant said a vulnerability in the SmartHTML interpreter could be exploited to cause a denial-of-service attack on the Web server if the computer had FrontPage Server Extensions 2000 running. For FrontPage Server Extensions 2002, the flaw could result in the attacker running the code of their choice, essentially taking control of the server.

When will people learn? **NEVER USE NON-STANDARD EXTENSIONS!** Doing so only accomplishes 2 things:

  1. Makes it difficult for everyone to enjoy your work
  2. Opens you up to exploitation because only one vendor can see the code that’s doing the interpretation

Apple Just Loves Open Source

Apple will release its innovative Rendezvous system to the open source community.

Apple® today announced it is “open sourcing” the code for its innovative new Rendezvous™ networking technology. Rendezvous, based on open Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) Standard Protocols such as IP, ARP and DNS, uses industry standard networking protocols and zero configuration technology to automatically discover and connect devices over any IP network, such as Ethernet or 802.11-based wireless networks like Apple’s Airport®. Major developers such as Canon, Epson, Hewlett-Packard, Lexmark, Philips, Sybase, World Book and Xerox have announced support for Rendezvous in a broad range of products spanning network printers, consumer electronics, enterprise database management and educational applications.

I just love how Apple is embracing rather than [[Microsoft to Attack Linux?]] the open source movement.