Making a Hack-proof Linux?

The open source community responds to the challenge of M$.

Start-up Guardian Digital has launched an effort to sell a version of Linux that’s less vulnerable to attack, a niche the company hopes will gain it a foothold in the market for the Unix-like operating system.

Microsoft to Attack Linux?

Maybe they’re starting to feel the heat.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer says the company will use its community of professionals to outsmart the open-source movement. Meanwhile, a new version of Linux promises to be more attack-resistant.

Hmmm… I’m not worried about [[Linux]] being able to weather the storm. I’m worried about a lack of ability on the part of business executives everywhere to see through the M$ FUD.

Curtis Strangs Readies the Troups

He’s a [[Ryder Cup]] veteran and now the captain. Can he get the US team pumped up for the rematch?

Strong-willed and keenly focused — attributes that served him so well as one of the game’s top players — the 47-year-old Strange, a two-time U.S. Open champion, has proven to be the perfect man to weather an often trying and sometimes stupefying three-year term as Ryder Cup captain. He has been a foundation stone for the team he leads as well as for the biennial competition he reveres.

Two Towers Trailer Description?

This sounds awesome! I just hope it’s the real deal


I received a mysterious email from a spy that is new to me. He or she sent me a few details on the new TTT trailer! I’m not vouching for any of this, but if it is true it sounds VERY good! Take a look!

Don’t read this story if you don’t want any spoilers. There’s quite a few in this short description, and some involve major (but understandable) changes to the story as told in the book.