Seeking employment in a challenging position in which my talents and experience as a high end software developer will be utilized to their fullest

##Michael D. Carney

I am a highly motivated principal software engineer with 14 years of experience developing highly integrated, complex software products consisting of several million lines of code, most of which was done in C++, beginning in 1988, before it had even achieved wide acceptence.

I have been a loyal employee for my entire career. Of the fourteen years of my professional life, twelve have been spent at [[LTX]] and two at [[Rational]].


Inquiries may be sent to:

** *’C”’, ”’C++”’, ”””PHP”””, Perl, Java, ””*SQL***, Shell scripting
** *’UNIX”’, X/Motif, MacOS, ””*MacOSX***, Windows
** *””HTML”””, ”””CSS”””, ”””XML”””, ”””XML-RPC”””, ””*SQL***
** **Clearcase*, CVS, UCM, RCS
* LEX, YACC, make

##Software Patent
* USPO# : [6,418,387](’6,418,387′.WKU.&OS=PN/6,418,387&RS=PN/6,418,387)
** **Sole inventor*
* Method of and system for generating a binary shmoo plot in N-dimensional space. This consists of an algorithm for subdividing an N-dimensional space into 2n equal subspaces, testing the extreme 2n vertices in each subspace for equivalent results, recursively continuing the process
** Reduces characterization time exponentially to O(2n ** log2nm) where:
**** n = number of dimensions
**** m = total number of points in n-dimensional space
* Allows for unlimited number of variable interactions to be characterized

##Personal Development
In an effort to keep up with trends in web-based technology, I have written the software that drives my [personal website]( This software utilizes PHP for its web page generation, while all the data for the pages is stored in an SQL database. The site includes support for web services utilizing XML-RPC to implement various APIs (for instance, the [[blogger]] and [[metaweblog]] APIs).

###Instrumentation Laboratory 2003 – Present, Lexington, MA
** **Principal Software Engineer*
**** Software architect of next generation blood gas analyzer operating system
**** Designed XML based messaging protocol for communcations with remote user interface
**** Designed finite state machine to safely control state of instrument
**** Designed calculations module to analyze inputs from blood sensors to output blood gas measurements

###LTX Corporation 1988 – 1993 San Jose, CA, 1994 – 2003, Westwood, MA
** **Principal Software Engineer, 1998 – 2002*
**** Unified two multi-million line products bringing for SOC tester to market
**** Modified expression processor to allow imbedding of mixed signal code
**** General socket event handler allowing for unlimited socket connections with unique functionality attached to each
**** Designed multidimensional binary shmoo plot algorithm, received patent and bonus
** **Senior Software Engineer, 1994 – 1998*
**** Designed parallel multisite execution of directed graph reducing total cost of test for customers
**** Transfered from San Jose office to corporate headquarters in 1998 to implement critical software component enVision++ for next generation testing technology
** **Software Engineer, 1991 – 1993*
**** Designed and implemented space and time efficient symbol lookup class using DFA, Hash Tables, Bi-directional Linked List, and TRIE technologies
**** Designed general shared memory management technique
** **Diagnostic Engineer, 1988 – 1991*
**** Designed and implemented object parsing tool using LEX and YACC compiler technologies
**** Designed and implemented stack based expression processor

###Rational Software Corporation 1993 – 1994, Santa Clara, CA
** **Senior Software Engineer* 1993 – 1994
**** Developed of new C++ code to integrate with existing systems
**** Designed configuration management system built on standard make using Perl for code analysis
**** Rational Rose contributor
**** Rational Development Environment contributor

* Bachelor Degree in Computer Science, University of California, Santa Barbara
* Certified Sun System Administrator
** Certified in Solaris **Pthreads*
** Certified **ObjectStore* developer

###References Available on Request

Shannon O’Lyin’

Take a look at Howie Carr’s column in today’s [[Boston Herald]].

###Howie in Rare Form

How many times did she not answer either Tim Russert’s or Romney’s questions about whether she’d raise taxes? Again she said she won’t “tinker* with Proposition 2. It’s not “tinkering* we’re afraid of, it’s gutting it. Finally, after being asked three times, she admitted she was hot to trot to tax haircuts and plumbing services…

But anyway, when it came to Medicare fraud, as she said, Mitt Romney was an admiral, I was a sailor.

Maybe that’s why she offered to show Russert her tattoo. And now, Sailor Shannon wants to swab the decks for Good Time Charlie Flaherty.

You tell ’em Howie.

This debate accomplished one thing… it made sure of who **I’m not** voting for.

See you at the polling booth.

OSX on X86?

Is Apple getting ready to release OSX on the PC platform?

Apple has released a bootable Darwin for the X86 platform. Darwin is the opensource core for OSX. Could this be leading up to the mythical release for the PC? Only time will tell.

The Case for Cheerful Libertarianism

Author David Brin makes the case more cogently than most.

Oh, after berating the LP delegates for a solid hour, poking at several dozen classic sacred cows, I expected either to be lynched or to get a standing ovation.

Guess which happened.


Freenet Here We Come!

A new version of the Freenet software, a program based around wholly anonymous Net publishing and distribution, is due out Monday after long silence from its mostly volunteer developer community.

This is the RIAA’s worst nightmare!

The developers have spent considerable time building in a level of encryption and anonymity that ordinary peer-to-peer services can’t provide, noting that their aim is more to allow global, uncensorable free speech than to facilitate the distribution of such things as music or movies.

Yeah, but it’s going to get used that way, and the record industry will have no way to fight back!

###This is the key

Freenet works by having each person involved dedicate a portion of their hard drive to hold content uploaded to the network. This is encrypted, so no person will know what is in their cache at any given time or be knowingly responsible for hosting any particular piece of content.

Nobody will know what’s being shared, by whom, or where.

Maybe Jackie is Back!

This is an earlyl test screening review of “Shanghai Knights”. Hopefully this will be the movie that brings [[Jackie Chan]] back to his greatness.

My jaw kept dropping at Chan’s fight and stunt work in this scene, and my jaw hasn’t dropped like that since I saw DRUNKEN MASTER II or the rooftop fight at the end of WHO AM I. Yes, this is Chan’s best stuff since DRUNKEN MASTER II.

That is some **very** high praise indeed. If this is even half that good, it’ll still be better than any of his American releases yet!

And Another Thing

Jeff Jacoby has some more thoughts on why we should pass Question 1.

Enacting Question 1 would not wipe out state government. It would cut a $23 billion budget to $14 billion, or roughly where it was in 1993 – not exactly the Dark Ages. In so doing, it would administer a badly needed rebuke to a Legislature that routinely treats the public with contempt and thinks the best answer to every question is new taxes.

It’s funny how the truth just as a better sound to it, isn’t it?

Question 1?

Question 1 would abolish the state income tax. Why should you vote for it?

We have high income and property taxes; the total per capita tax burden is the fourth highest in the nation with correspondingly high per capita spending. Yet as soon as there is a slight revenue shortfall, the first move by the Legislature is to cut services for the handicapped, then start drafting a new tax package.

This drives me crazy. I’ve been saying for quite a while now that the state legislature has no respect for the people. We pass a proposition to roll back the income tax, and they basically just ignore it.

In fact, it’s worse than that. They treat us like children that they are going to punish. Have you ever noticed how the first response of the establishment is fear mongering? [According to Paul Guzzi and Michael Widmer](*no”to”avoid*fiscal_chaos+.shtml,) rolling the state budget back to **$14 BILLION** would throw the finances of state and local governments into chaos. Don’t believe it.

Don’t you get the feeling that every time they are forced to cut a tax, they choose the spending to cut that they know will be the most emotionally disturbing to the general populace? It’s all about taking **our*’ money and controlling it for what ”’they”’ want. It’s time to say ‘*enough is enough**!

Atari Adventure?

I remember this!

Here is a sample of my Macromedia Flash programming. Flash was designed as a vector animation tool for the web. Lately, however, it has developed scripting capabilities similar to its sister program, Macromedia Director, which is my native language.

I chose to recreate Atari Adventure with all its bleeps and bloops and chicken-looking dragons. As a kid this program fascinated and enticed me to become a programmer. It’s a joy to be able to re-create it. Note that I took the liberty to rearrange a couple of items.

Adventure was the first of its kind, the mother of all graphic adventure games from Ultima to Zelda. It was also the instigator of hidden backdoors and easter eggs (now staples in every video game).


Now, if only I can remember how to solve this [[:-)]]