Business Method Patents are Bad

This is yet another example, like Amazon’s **one-click**, that shows that this sort of thing shouldn’t be patentable.

eBay, one of the biggest success stories on the Web, is being threatened with a patent infringement lawsuit that could force it to modify its winning auction format.

Nothing breeds jealousy like success.

More Windows 2000 Security Problems

Even Microsoft doesn’t know how these attacks are happening… maybe its because they have a fatally flawed operating system?

Microsoft released further details of a rash of attacks on Windows 2000 servers that has so far stumped the software giant’s research team.

Does this really surprise anybody?

While the company wouldn’t say how many machines or customers had been victims of the attacks, Miller did say that it has been a significant number.

Dohh!! There’s nothing like keeping the public informed to build credibility.

Yet Another Music Service is Shut Down

Once again, the RIAA feels the need to flex its muscles in a futile effort to stop the spread of music.

An Illinois federal judge said Wednesday that he would order the Madster file-trading system, formerly known as Aimster, to halt song-swapping in the next few days.

Maybe this is why I’m having trouble finding some particular Chuck Mangione tunes (that I already bought 3 times).