Golf League 2004 Championship Results

##Congratulations James!

It was a hard fought final match that ended in a tie after 9 holes. The nine holes ended in dramatics when James threw down the gauntlet by hitting a 3-wood from 230 yards on his second shot over the water to the front of the green. Guy, after hitting a poor drive and second shot and still sitting at 220 yards, decided that he needed to go for it also and carried his 3-wood shot to within 8 feet of the hole in a spectacular and gutsy display of competitiveness.

After halving the 9th, we went into a sudden death playoff replaying the first hole. It was here that James captured the match shooting a par to Guy’s double bogey.

It was definitely a great season and a great championship match.

Rank Round 1 Round 2 Champion
1 Phil Culver vs. James Flaherty (4&3) vs. James Flaherty (1 up)
4 James Flaherty
2 Guy Criscenzo vs. Guy Criscenzo (2&1)
3 Kristy Bazaire

See you next year!!!!