Macs Cheaper than PCs?

This article does an analysis of the cost of the most recent iMac with an equivalently configured PC.

[PCs are cheaper than Macs]…
Anyone who has done fair price comparisons between Apple’s line of computers and other namebrand OEM PCs know this not to be true. At least not anymore. Not for at least 5 years. Most of those still making this claim do so by making the mistake that because they can configure a PC with less, that PCs cost less as well. The argument makes as much sense as me pointing to an eMac, comparing it to an Alienware PC then claiming Mac price superiority.

Of course, its when you compare the two machines with the same specs, the price evens out. But because you can’t custom build a Mac like you can a PC, the PC must be equipped to match the Mac’s default specs. You can’t do it the other way around.

Take a look here before you make your claim that PCs are cheaper in the future [[:-)]]