It’s Done: Europe 18 1/2, US 9 1/2

This equaled the worst loss in the history of the cup (in the other case, the US beat Europe). Europe simply spanked us.

That’s gotta be a body blow to the American squad, and perhaps American professional golf in general.

I just gotta say it: I’m really disappointed in how our guys came out for this tournament. The Europeans seem to act like they really want it right from the very beginning. Our guys diddn’t seem to want it until it was clear they were going to loose it again!

What’s up with that!

Was Payne Stewart the difference? We need more guys like him. Riley, DeMarco… they seemed to get it.

US Should be Embarrassed

Europe leads the US in the [[Ryder Cup]] 11-5.

You don’t necessarily expect the heavily favored US team to win, but you at least expect them to show up.

It’s clear that Europe just wants it more.