Windows Shuts Down LAX

Leaving a computer on froze the system.

The recent shutdown of LAX due to an FAA radio outage was apparently caused by a Windows 2000 integration flaw, possibility related to an old Windows 95 bug. An article at the LA Times claims that the outage was caused by human error, as the system will automatically shut down after 49.7 days (related to this Windows 95 flaw?), and a technician didn’t reboot the system monthly as he should have. This happened after an upgrade from Unix to Windows. I don’t think blame should be assigned to the technician who missed the task; rather, it seems a gross oversight for the FAA to guarantee that such a critical system will crash after only one missed maintenance task. Who’s really at fault?

Serves them right for **downgrading** from Unix to Windows. Hmmm…. let me check the uptime of my iMac at home that serves my website and email and files, and everything else (for those that aren’t sure, MacOSX is Unix):

21:25 up 115 days, 6:59, 3 users, load averages: 1.19 1.12 0.69

Hmm…. no need for a reboot there.

When are people going to learn!!!!!

From the follow-up comments:

*Where do you want to go*

Dear microsoft,

The above question was posed in a line of your advertisements well, after spending an hour and a half on a plane on the runway in oakland, and another hour on the runway in l.a. (sunday night), i think i have the answer. i want to go home. sounds like a simple enough request, or so i thought.

But here is what i really want: i would like you (microsoft, inc.), to stop selling your products to mission critical and infrastructure operations until such a time as they are ready to do so. when my desktop computer at work crashes (admittedly a rare occurance nowadays), i am inconvenienced. when hundreds of thousands of travellers in airports across the world are delayed because one of the busiest airports in the world is shut down due to a 10 year old known bug in your operating systems that has not been fixed, that is simply not acceptable. i realize that buyers of software and IT systems are easily suckered or bribed into using your systems, that is why i am appealing directly to you. please exit this market before we are forced to legislate you out.