OpenOffice Denies Apple Involvement

They also deny the development of a Java based version for MacOSX.

However, in response to the [[StarOffice on OSX]], they did the following:

Over the last two days, Dan Williams and I have undertaken some proof of concept work to illustrate the feasibility of getting drawing using the beloved Aqua interface that makes MacOS X so distinctive. This work was done in OO638C_MacOSX, the only OOo currently building for Quartz graphics. Screenshots of what OOo looks like with this preliminary Aquafication appear below.

This work is generated purely by the community without help from any funded entity. And it is not in Java, but in C++/ObjC calling directly to System frameworks. The community has been undertaking quite an effort with this port, and this prototype shows just what this community is capable of.

This is very good news for those of us that really don’t want to give any money to Microsoft. [[OpenOffice]] is a wonderful product with nearly seemless compatibility with Microsoft Office.