Security Flaw at the Heart of Windows

According to the author, it’s not possible to fix this without getting rid of Windows entirely.

The scary thing about this is that Microsoft has known about this all along and chosen not to fix it. Is this possibly another avenue we can take to dismantle Microsoft?

This paper presents a new generation of attacks against Microsoft Windows, and possibly other message-based windowing systems. The flaws presented in this paper are, at the time of writing, unfixable. The only reliable solution to these attacks requires functionality that is not present in Windows, as well as efforts on the part of every single Windows software vendor.

Yikes! This is a must read for everyone that owns a computer.

Maybe This is Why We View Them as Barbarians

I think it’s time these people wake up and smell the 16th century.

An Islamic high court in northern Nigeria rejected an appeal yesterday by a single mother sentenced to be stoned to death for having sex out of wedlock.

You know… if this is what Allah wants, then I want to part of him. This is just another example of the genius of the idea of the separation of church and state. Please, let the rest of the world see the wisdom of this someday!?!?!?!

The Mac Muscles In

Now running on UNIX, the Mac is being taken seriously by Scientists.

High-powered computers are the *tech* in biotechnology. So it’s no surprise that Cambridge-based biotech giant Genzyme Corp. uses lots of muscular workstation machines, most of them running the sophisticated Unix operating system.

But what is surprising is that some of these powerful Unix boxes bear the trademark of Apple Computer Inc. They’re Macintoshes – the same user-friendly computers that have earned Apple a loyal following among artists, publishers, and home computer users.

So, Apple’s strategy might be starting to pay off.