Gerry Calahan Chimes In on the Strike

Boy does he nail the players on this.

The hell with the fans in small markets. The hell with what’s best for The Game of Baseball. You’re an entertainer, one of the Chosen Few, no different from Bruce Springsteen or Britney Spears. You’re special. You’ve earned everything you’ve got, and no one is going to take anything away. You didn’t get this far by backing down from a challenge, and that’s what this is, another challenge, another game. You vs. the Evil Owners. Bring it on, Bud.

This is the real attitude of the players as far as I can tell.

Hey owners, I have an idea. You need to call their bluff. Look them straight in the eye and tell them that anyone who goes on strike will be forever banned from baseball. Tell them that you stand together in solidarity and that you’re sick of the hired help telling you how to run your business. Tell them that you’ll hire minor leaguers who’d love to have a shot in the majors. You’ll have to pay them less, and they’ll appreciate it more. Heck, they might even play with as much passion as the kids in the Little League World Series did. You’ll be able to cut ticket prices, so more fans can enjoy the game.

Please, please, please, do this! I’m so sick of these multi-millionaire-primadonna-whining-look-at-how-difficult-my-life-is-a-holes that I’d love to see this happen.