Why Should Apple Get To Decide?

This is the first thing in a long time from Apple that pisses me off.

I just bought an external DVD-R/RW drive, and I love it. It’s the coolest thing I’ve had on my computer in years.


However, because it’s external, and wasn’t bought from Apple, I can’t use [[iDVD]]. The big problem with this is that I have an older iMac that didn’t even have an option for a DVD-R when I bought it. Now Apple tells me that I have to buy a whole new computer just to use their software?

I called their tech support on this, and they said that my only options is to buy [[DVD Studio Pro]] for $999!

This reaks of the same kind of extortion that I’ve always hated Microsoft for. Who do they think they are?

***I’m sure I’ll figure something else out!***