Thank You George

It wasn’t everything I wanted to hear, but it wasn’t bad.

###We don’t have to ask permission

That was the key phrase in the whole evening. We don’t need the permission of the UN to act in our own self interest (and as a byproduct, in the interest of the World even if they don’t believe it).

###It really is that simple

Iraq has had 12 years to disarm. They continue to arm, they continue to fund terrorism, they continue to have no respect for the rest of the world. Do I **want*’ to go to war? Hell no! Do I ”’believe”’ that it’s the right thing to do? ‘*Hell yes!**.

The choice is Sadam Hussein’s. It really is that simple.


Also, it’s wonderful to hear George talk about freedom for the people in the middle east. I have a friend, however, that’s from that area and has taken the time to explain to me that the people there wouldn’t know what to do with freedom if they had it. The very idea of it scares them.

I just hope that we do the right thing… it’s going to take a couple of generations of freedom and democracy there for things to shake out. Dow we have the stomach for a 50 year occupation?

I hope so.