On Your Mark, Get Set…

Are we ready for this war?

I’m optimistic.

Really, I am. I believe that we’ll win this war in the blink of an eye. The problem is, that this *war* is really only a battle. What’s going to come next? Who knows.

Are we, as a country, ready for the long haul ahead? We can’t do this half way and have any hope that the world will be a better place when it’s all over. Once we take this step, we have to go all the way… occupy, rebuild, renew, reeducate. Are we ready to spend the money that’s going to need to be spent over the next 50 years (you heard me right) to ensure that Iraq becomes a friend rather than a more embittered enemy? Will we continue after our men and women of the armed forces start to die in suicide bombing attacks?

I hope so.

I’m optimistic.