Academy Awards 2003

Some thoughts on the awards.

###Best Animated Film

Wow! They got this right. I was afraid that they’d pick something stupid like Lilo and Stitch, but instead they chose to honor the greatest living animator and chose Spirited Away.

###Best Visual Effects

Was there any other choice? [[The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers]]. it’s about time somebody knocked George Lucas off his perch.

###Supporting Actor

Chris Cooper. Nice acceptance speech. Even the bit about peace was in good taste. He should have won for [[American Beauty]], and now they got it right.

###Art Direction

If this isn’t [[The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers]], the Academy is high. I guess they’re high. Yeah, Chicago was cool, but it just didn’t compare to TTT for pure visual splendor.

Get ready, this is just the beginning for Chicago tonight.

###Bsst Live Action and Animated Short Films

I can’t comment on this much. I haven’t seen any of these.Well, the clip they showed of “The Chubbchubbs” looked fun.

“This Charming Man” for live action. Maybe I can get some of these on Netflix.

###Best Costumes

It’s probably going to be Chicago again. Yep. Well, that’s two. I wonder if it’s going to loose any of the categories it’s nominated in.

It’s a crime that [[The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers]] was ignored in this category.

###Best Makeup

That God Frida won this! I can’t imagine a movie as bad as The Time Machine winning an award.

###Best Supporting Actress

You go Sean! He’s just way too cool for his own good.

C’mon Queen Latifah. I’m pulling for you!!! It’s gonna be Zeta Jones, but I’m pulling for you.

Congrats Catherine. You deserved it. You were just wonderful!

###Best Original Score

Wow! That’s two for Frida! That’s totally unexpected. It’s nice to see the smaller pictures getting recognized like this. PLUS, I get to see more of the awesome Salma Hyek [[:-)]].

###Best Foreign Language Film

Not much to say here either. I guess Nowhere in Afrika deserves it. Ebert gave it a great review.

###Best Sound

Can TTT get another? Or will be Chicago again. Damn! It’s Chicago. That’s three. How could the Academy seriously say that Chicago had better sound than TTT? Oh well… wait ’til next year.

###Best Sound Effects Editing

OK. Can there be any doubt in this one? It’s gotta be TTT. Well, maybe “Minority Report”. YEAH!!! That’s two.


Excellent. I don’t agree with Michael Moore politically, but I love his sense of the surreal. It’s about time he was recognized by the Academy.

OK. Shut up. That’s enough. I’ve lost all respect for you now. There was no call for that speech. YOU SUCK!!!!

Excellent Steve!!! Way to take Michael to task for that stupid speech.

###Best Cinematography

Another one for Chicago? WOW!!! “The Road to Perdiction”??? It’s not going to be a Chicago sweep. I never would have expected that.

###Best Film Editing

It’s probably going to be Chicago, but wouldn’t it be interesting if TTT wins? That’s five.

###Best Actor

Please, let it be Jack. It’d be a whole lotta fun in the speech. Adrien Brody! in The Pianist! WOW! That’s a surprise, but from everything I’ve heard, it’s a wonderful performance in a wonderful movie. Congratulations!!

I wish I could kiss Hale Barry like that!!!!

###Best Song

Who’s it going to be? Please, let it be Paul. He deserves it!!! Eminem! WOW! Unbelievable! Who’d have ever thought that the Academy could be that ballsy!!!

I haven’t yet seen the movie, but from what I’ve heard, this song most completely fit the movie that it was for.

###Best Actress

Salma, Salma, Salma! It’s probably going to be Renee, but I want Salma!

Yeah! Nicole Kidman. That’s my second choice. She got robbed last year, so this is just some justice. I want to see this movie now.


I’m not sure I care about this… how could [[The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers]] not have been nominated for the adapted screenplay award?

We all know that it’s going to be chicago, so let’s get it overwith.

Yikes! The Pianist!!!!!! This has been an evening of surprises!!!

And now for the original screenplay. C’mon Greek Wedding! That was way too fun to not win. Well, I guess I’m going to have to see “Talk to Her”.

Definitely a year of surprises.

###Best Director

If they don’t give it to Scrosese, it’s a crime. He’s deserved it so many times. Please Academy, whatever you do, don’t give it to the new guy for Chicago. Yeah, he did a great job, but it isn’t an all time classic like many of Marty’s movies are.

Roman Planski!!!! Unbelievable!!!!

###Best Picture

OK. Will there be one more suprise? Will something other than Chicago win?

Nope. No surprise here. Chicago wins. it’s quite deserving of the award. I very much enjoyed the movie.

Bob Fosse, wherever he is, has a smile on his face!