MA To Use Linux?

The MA department of revenue is considering Linux as an alternative to upgrading its installed base of Windows 95 desktop machines.

…Akers is advocating a DOR switch to open source/Linux, and he speaks of the possibility with the fervor of an activist. Charged with the technical direction of DOR, he talks about ?altruistic decisions that have to be made? and the fiscal need to ?embrace the open source solution.?

This has gotta be driving some of my more liberal friends that are also [[M$]] haters a bit schizo [[:-)]]!!!

I hope that Romney is up to the challenge!

Gartner Says Macs are Cheaper

Well, Gartner is finally backing up what I’ve known for years.

This study is about **Total Cost of Ownership**. Is there any other way to think about the cost of something?

Total cost of ownership is the cost of the OS, plus the cost of the hardware, plus the cost of support, divided by the number of years that you own the machine.

Noted research analyst Gartner found Macs are up to 36 per cent more cost- effective than competing PC products…. [they] found that Macs cost $1,114 to support per year, while PC-based systems cost $1,438. Macs also needed less technical support and hardware and software costs were lower, the report explains.

Well… there it is. [[:-)]].

Afganistan Gets Wired

Afghanistan, where the Internet was banned during the rule of the Taliban, will formally launch its .af domain for Afghani Web sites and e-mail addresses on Monday, the United Nations said.

In case you’re wondering whether this has anything to do with why the US acts the way it does sometimes,

All nongovernmental use of e-mail services and Web sites was punishable by death during the rule of the fundamentalist Taliban.

‘Nuff said. I don’t care what anybody says. Our way is better. Sometimes there is an absolute good, and taking out that government was such a case, just as it is in Iraq.