Al Gore Joins Apple Board

I may have to like him now. Damn [[:-)]].

In a statement, CEO Steve Jobs noted that Gore is an avid Mac user who edits his own videos using Final Cut Pro. However, Gore’s support of the Mac has not been unwavering, with the politician having said three years ago that he had switched from a Mac to a PC. Gore was chosen as a director at a meeting of Apple’s board earlier Wednesday.

OK. So maybe he’s not all bad. [[:-)]].

… Go!

I hope this is over quickly.

The US launched its first strike against Iraq last night. Let’s hope that they hit their target and that the war is over soon.

U.S. government officials said a private home outside Baghdad had been targeted after intelligence indicated “some optimism” about the location of top Iraqi leadership — including Saddam.

It looks as though they missed Hussein, but they might have hit some high ranking officials.