The Party’s On

From [ – PGA of America](

For one of the rare few times all year, the gentile aura of the PGA Tour gives way this week to the FBR Open in Phoenix. It’s the rowdiest stop on the circuit, with big, boisterous crowds creating a spirited scene that irritates some golfers and invigorates others. Tiger Woods is among those who haven’t dropped by for a few years, but those who play every year say the secret to success is to just get into the spirit.

Remember when Tiger hit the hole in one on the 14th back in 1998 (I think).

iPodder X adds AAC format, bookmark support

From [MacCentral](

Thunderstone Media has released an upgrade to iPodderX, the company’s utility for downloading and managing “podcasts,” which are radio shows that can be downloaded in MP3 format and transferred to an iPod or other MP3 player. Version 2.2.7 adds the ability to convert files into AAC format and allows users to bookmark files so that they can resume listening where they previously stopped…

This is what I just sent Adam Curry an email about… podcasts should by default be broadcast in the bookmarkable form. Sure, MP3 is more ubiquitous, but these are **pod** casts, and the iPod plays these files very well, thank you very much 🙂

State of the Union

OK… here we go.

He’s not a bad speaker when he has prepared notes.

Can we really take him seriously when he talks about not spending more money??? He has **no** credibility on this issue.

Frivolous asbestos lawsuits? WHAT!!!

Come on, get to social security.

Well, at least he’s talking about getting less dependent on foreign oil. But what’s the right way to do it???

Immigration? Borders? We don’t need no stinking borders.

###Social Security

Now we’re talking. Give me control over my own money. PERIOD! It’s good to hear him promise that people over 55 will have no change in benefits. Thank god he’s addressing the ratio of contributors then versus now: 16:1 vs. 3:1 vs. 2:1 in the future.

I wish the democrats would shut the f**ck up and admit that there’s a serious problem… the above ratios *’do not lie’*. **GIVE ME BACK MY MONEY!*

###Marriage Ammendment

NO!!!!!! **Not In My Constitution!!**

###The War on Terror

Support the military, the terrorists are on the run… didn’t we hear this speech last year? WOW, Did he just slam Saudi Arabia?? Excellent.

Woods tipped for comeback in 2005

From [BBC Sport | Golf | World Edition](

Tiger Woods is set to stage a comeback this season after a lacklustre 2004, according to BBC Sport’s golf experts.

Well, I hope so. At least if he does, it might be an interesting year in golf. Last year was boring (at least if you’re not a fan of Vijay). Still, it’s funny that they talk about a lackluster year. I’d bet that there’s about 100 other golfers on the tour that’d kill for a year like he had.