Stahl: Not In Terminator 4

From [Sci Fi Wire](

Nick Stahl, who played John Connor in 2003’s hit Terminator 3:
Rise of the Machines, told SCIFI Wire that neither he nor T3 co-star Claire Danes will appear in a proposed fourth Terminator movie.

Interesting. I wonder what the plot is. Neither of them will be a particular loss, but where will the franchise go? Arnie is getting a little long in the tooth to carry it again.

Those who do not learn from their mistakes…

[1967]( “United States officials were surprised and heartened today at the size of turnout in South Vietnam’s presidential election despite a Vietcong terrorist campaign to disrupt the voting.”

… are doomed to repeat them.


From [Dave Barry’s Blog](

I think I figured something out: The terrorists took over all the nuclear power plants in the United States by… *installing Windows XP Service Pack 2”. Those heartless ”bastards*.

That’s the only way I can describe some of the dialog…

It’s been a long time since I heard technobabble as funny as that in the show last night. Remember when the Secretary of Defense waved his hand and said he didn’t understand a word of what was said??? I was thinking to myself that I do that stuff for a living, and I didn’t understand it either. OK… it was entertaining, but give us some more credit, OK?!?!!??!

Is it wise to pull the tale of an angry Tiger?

[BBC SPORT | Golf | Els casts doubt on Woods revival](

South Africa’s Ernie Els has insisted former world number one Tiger Woods will never dominate golf again, despite his recent revival in form

OK Tiger… I’m thinking another 11 win season is in order… and can you add in a couple of majors just for good measure?

I think now that Tiger has his romantic life in order after marrying Ms. Nordigen he’ll be able to get his mind back on golf. Note to Tiger… you’re only half way there.