Babylon 5 Theatrical Movie Falls Through

[Slashdot]( “duck2ducks writes ‘According to a post from JMS, the Babylon 5 feature film has been cancelled. This is sad news indeed for all fans of one of the best sci-fi stories ever produced.’ From Straczynski’s post: ‘In the end, however, the deal could be put together, and it did not look as if that was going to change at any point in the foreseeable future. So the option has reverted, and to all intents and purposes, the project has dead ended.'”

NO! I was so looking forward to this!!!

Battlestar Galactica Available for Download

[Slashdot]( “blankgm writes ‘The SciFi channel has made Episode ’33’ (Season 1 Episode 1) of Battlestar Galactica available for free, uncut and commercial free, online at Also available are deleted scenes from the series. Is this a ploy by the SciFi channel to grow a viewer base as well as loyalty, or an extremely bold move since the series isn’t even out on DVD yet? Hopefully it’s both. In either case, I believe this is unprecedented, especially since season 1 hasn’t even concluded here in the states. Bravo SciFi. Keep ’em coming!'”

Wow! You gotta love this. It’s the best SF show on TV! It deserves more viewers!

J minus 10 Days and Counting

Well, I have two more weeks at my current job. Whew! Things sure have changed a lot in the past few weeks. My mother moved into her new house, the student that had been living with us for the last few months is gone, and now this.

I’ve been at Instrumentation Laboratory for 2 years now, and there’s certainly been the best of times and the worst of times. I’ve made some good friends while working there, and had some great golfin’ buddies. If any of you are reading this, thanks for the memories [[:-)]].