New Dead Aims Higher

[Sci Fi Wire]( “Sam Raimi, who will oversee a remake of his first Evil Dead movie, told SCI FI Wire that he wants to reach an audience the first version never found.”

If we can find the right director with a great vision, we know that the script can be improved, and we know that the characters can be improved. The dialogue, the directing, can be improved.

Gimme some sugar! I’d love to see Ash on the big screen again! Only… would they use Bruce Campbell, or replace him with a new actor.

Random Superbowl Thoughts

** **Best Commercial*: The job search place with the monkeys
** **Worst Commercial*: Fedex/Kinkos
** **Donovan McNabb*: He’s overrated. Yes, he’s a very, very good quarterback, but he’s not nearly as good as the media would have had you think
** **Terrel Owens*: Simply put, he was unbelievable. His performance should go down in Superbowl lore as one of the most gutsy things ever. He was right and everyone else was wrong.
** **Tom Brady*: Simply put, one of the best ever. He just wins.
** **Deion Branche*: We all agreed, definitely the most valueable player
** **Score*: Was it just me or was that game way better that expected?
** **Parity*: The NFL has achieved its goal of trying to make all the teams as equal as possible. True, the Patriots have won 3 out of 4 Superbowls, but each one has been a very difficult win. This isn’t like SF wiping out Denver 55-10.

Overall, I enjoyed this Superbowl quite a bit… not as much as the first Patriots superbowl against the Rams, but it still was quite fun.

DVD Verdict Review – Scrooge

[DVD Verdict Review – Scrooge]( “Still, a single question lingers after absorbing the magic that is Scrooge: why is this sweet, substantial celebration of the true spirit of Christmas (outside of the religious realm, thank you) not a perennial favorite, revisited again and again like It’s a Wonderful Life, Miracle on 34th Street, or A Christmas Story? …Scrooge is a forgotten holiday classic.”

I’ve often wondered this myself. [[Scrooge]] is quite simply my favorite rendering of the classic Dickens tale.