The Hipster PDA

The Hipster PDA (Parietal Disgorgement Aid) is a fully extensible system for coordinating incoming and outgoing data for any aspect of your life and work. It scales brilliantly, degrades gracefully, supports optional categories and “beaming,” and is configurable to an unlimited number of options. Best of all, the Hipster PDA fits into your hip pocket and costs practically nothing to purchase and maintain. Let’s make one together.

####Building your first Hipster PDA

* get a bunch of 3″x5″ file cards (here’s 500 for less than 3 bucks)
* clip them together with a binder clip
* there is no step 3

I’m sold. I’m on my way to the store to get the needed equipment now. Imagine it, a PDA that never needs a battery recharge!!!